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Two undergrads from the University of Colombo once got stuck having coffee together…

That sentence leads to three years worth of stories.

Stories of more coffee dates, adventures, tons of laughter, days of complete dread, moments of empowering each other and finally to the moment of creating a brand together.

22UponTwo was the mind child of two people. One of them being me (of course!)

Apart from being undergrads from the same university, one thing we both had in common was the feeling of not doing enough. Our first coffee (and cheesecake)  was over a conversation how neither one of us actually wanted to come to uni. I had wanted to work in advertising, the other one (this is how I’d be referring to her throughout this article) had wanted to go to Australia for her degree. But, we ended up in university. A university that is claimed to be the best in the country.  What we experienced was, however, a culture governed by seniority, mediocrity, and politics.

Fellow uni undergrads, don’t get too worried, now we both know that uni is a much much better place. However, what we also realize is that uni is as good as you make it.

We were both fortunate to be a part of organizations that inspired us, meet people that empowered us and to study under lecturers that have restored our faith in the system.

Today we are two entrepreneurs building a brand. A brand that will not just offer exceptional services to Sri Lanka, but also inspire people to make more of their life.

About 22UponTwo

Our startup called 22UponTwo (named so for a number of reasons) offers four main services. We specialize in web development, content creation, social media marketing, and branding. We now have a permanent team of amazing young people – all state university undergrads and a client portfolio we can be proud of. As a company, we were fortunate to have met clients (most who are friends now) who gave us a chance and believed in us. We’ve been operational for one year now and it’s only been an upward climb. A hard one, but upward nevertheless.

One of our biggest motivations to carry on the business is to prove to both ourselves and to the rest of the society that undergrads can do more than go on strikes, get a degree and have some fun. We were inspired by fellow undergrads who are doing more with their lives (running businesses, leading organizations, building brands).

And we had nothing to lose. The only investment required was our time and effort, and we had plenty of both of those to give.

Thus started 22UponTwo. And today, as we relaunch our website we are happy to open our doors to any other undergrads who want to join our mission in delivering high-quality services to businesses through constant learning, hard work, and commitment.

We are more than just a startup. We are an undergrad startup that believes in the potential young people have to do amazing things with their lives.

Check us out on www.22upontwo.com.

Blog by Nuwanthika Dharmaratne

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