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We are a web based creative solutions platform that looks to offer affordable and efficient solutions to a spectrum of creative requirements. Our services extend towards both retail and corporate clients.

Driven by a young enthusiastic team with the passion to innovate, 22UponTwo believes in collaborating with fellow creative minds in the country to design unique approaches towards solving our clients' problems.

Our Formula

Our formula for providing creative solutions allows us to ensure that we explore multiple avenues in order to shape our services around what the customer requires.









Our Services

Corporate Branding

If you want to make your brand engaging and accessible to your clientele, we are ready to make it happen. Following a comprehensive understanding of your service offering and brand values, we will embark on a mission of creating solutions that best suit your requirements.

Our Corporate Branding Services include,

  • Logos & Letterheads
  • Business Cards
  • Company Profiles
  • Other Promotional Material (Leaflets, Booklets)

Event Planning

We know that planning and carrying out an event can be an exhausting task. It takes away your opportunity to actually enjoy and be a part of the event that you worked so hard to create. That is where we come in. With our end to end service, we are ready to assist you from the planning stages of your event and see it through to its final execution.

Our Event Planning Services include,

  • Event Concepts
  • Decorations
  • Invitations and other material
  • Photography

Social Media Management
& Web Services

If you are a new brand that is trying to establish yourself in the industry, creating online presence is crucial for your survival. We are ready to offer affordable services for all your web needs while maintaing your brand's identity.

Our Web Services include,

  • Social Media Management
  • Web Development
  • SEO & SEM

Content Creation

Whether it is a magazine article, newspaper ad or an event leaflet that you require, we are ready to offer our services to you. We understand that each brand has a unique clientele and that material should be designed to meet its target audience. We promise not to overcomplicate what you want to communicate and to create simple and high quality content for you.


We have been fortunate to work with both young and established brands in the country thus far. Our projects have all been highly distinct from each other, which enabled us to explore multiple industries and platforms.

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